Upcoming CONAA Council on Nursing & Anthropology Events


Support CONAA, the Council on Nursing and Anthropology, in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania for the Society for Applied Anthropology's Annual Meetings on March 24-28, 2015.

The call for CONAA sponsored papers, posters and session organizers for the 2015 Annual Meetings of the Society for Applied Anthropology is open. Contact Karen Breda at breda@hartford.edu to participate in a CONAA session at SfAA. The deadline for SfAA abstract submissions is October 15, 2014. To join a CONAA session, send your name, affiliation, abstract title & abstract to Karen Breda at: breda@hartford.edu by October 15th to be placed in a CONAA sponsored session at SfAA.

For the 5th consecutive year the Council on Nursing and Anthropology (CONAA) is a co-sponsor at the Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) annual meetings. Join CONAA at the Society for Applied Anthropology 2015 Annual Meetings in Pittsburg, PA for engaging sessions, CONAA business meeting & CONAA social held at the SfAA meetings. Follow the SfAA 2015 link for conference details.

The SfAA 2015 program theme is:
“Continuity and Change” CONAA members and friends should consider a variety of broad questions pertaining to continuity and change such as how has the scope and mission of nursing and anthropology changed? What are the responsibilities of applied scholars such as nurses, social workers and anthropologists to set an example and shape the future? How do changes in our conditions evoke new challenges? What does the nature of the change entail? What issues have come to light in preparing new practitioners? What research and practice driven topics and methods are we using to help redefine this continuity and change? Presentations in these areas as well as other contributions which cause us to reflect and analyze current systems and processes are welcomed for CONAA sessions.

Act now. Submit your abstract to CONAA for SfAA. Email CONAA President Karen Breda at breda@hartford.edu.

Thank you,
Karen Lucas Breda
CONAA President
E-Mail: breda@hartford.edu